Anchored - 6-Week Mindset Group Program

Anchored - Discover the secret to rapid mindset transformation 

For the highly motivated, busy AF woman desiring more presence, less stress, and a positive mind. 



Having a busy AF schedule doesn’t have to come at a cost…

Are you a woman whose to-do list is never-ending (we have to work twice as hard as men to be seen and validated, right? 💁🏼‍♀️), yet find yourself desiring evenings completely unplugged watching Forgetting Sarah Marshall on the couch with your family?

BUT with the next two years completely booked out, you often completely forget to eat lunch, are constantly checking your phone, and can’t remember the last time you got a proper 8 hours of sleepbeing busy and stressed is part of who you are.

Where’s the time for friends, family, activities you enjoy, downtime, let alone self-care!?

You’re overbooked, which makes you procrastinate, and leaves you stressed, overwhelmed, and hard on yourself - here come the negative thoughts!

There’s not enough time in the day

If I don’t do this perfectly they’re going to judge me, I have to try harder.”

Anchored was crafted with women like you in mind, who have been programmed to work twice as hard, but suffer from negative self-sabotaging thoughts on a daily basis.

It’s uniquely designed to how YOU self-sabotage during the busiest part of your day and quickly shift to self-compassion without missing a beat (unless you want to enjoy lunch at your fav Mexican spot with a friend rather than work through it… AGAIN!).

You are SO ready to navigate the chaos and busyness of life with a positive attitude, low levels of stress, and a deep trust that you have a choice & everything will work out better than you could have ever hoped!

This dream life is yours in just 15-minutes a day.

This is what’s possible for you!

Anna gave me new resources that were productive & worked. What stuck was rubbing my fingers together and trying to feel my fingerprints [Positive Intelligence®]. The other day, I was extremely stressed and anxious. I usually would have resorted to self-destructive behaviors. Instead, I took deep breaths, did this technique, and was able to get through the night and resolve completely what was making me stressed with a calm, productive attitude. She instilled so much confidence in me by giving me space to recognize my successes when all I saw was failure. She’s been critical in my growth as a person overall.


I never felt that I had power over my negative thoughts and believed they were just a part of me. This program helped me realize that I have the ability to fix my thought patterns and think differently and more positively about myself, others and situations.


Before working with Anna, I felt overwhelmed and tried to do everything myself. Now, I see the gift in things that don't go my way. Working with Anna was a breakthrough for how to overcome really any issues, both personally and professionally. 


You are someone who…

  • Is moving through life on autopilot & “go-mode,” yet desires to slow down 

  • Isn't unhappy with your life, but feels a pull to create something even more beautiful

  • Wants to be more present with your life & loved ones, but keeps getting swept into the chaos of “there’s not enough time.

  • Is ready to release self-judgment/negative self-talk and practice self-love & compassion

  • Wants to practice true gratitude & celebration with each accomplishment (big & small)

  • Is ready to protect your vital energy by practicing healthy boundary setting and letting go what is out of your control

  • Doesn't want perfectionism to stop you from trying new things or possibly failing

  • You are starting to realize there is no failure, there is only learning & growth 

  • Wants to welcome in support in your life & release the limiting belief that you need to do everything yourself because no one else can “do it right.”

    It’s time to make this your reality.

    Anchored is uniquely designed to meet you where you are in the early stages of self-sabotage recovery while accommodating the necessities of your busy schedule (without added stress or negative self talk!).

You’re not just a high-achieving woman…

You’re a wildly successful woman whose stress levels are at an all-time low despite a full schedule (and a full cup!), you feel like you’re back in the honeymoon phase with your partner because you are present AF, and you no longer have the patience for those nasty negative thoughts about yourself because you’re BFFs with your mind.

This and MORE is possible for you with Anchored.

“This coaching experience has been truly transformative for me. Over the past 3 months, my confidence and self-assurance have grown tremendously. I used to constantly question every decision, but now I trust my gut and recognize that I have all the answers within myself. The practices we used helped me become more centered and aware. I'm taking better care of myself through meditation, movement, and being present in my body. The biggest impact has been feeling empowered to make choices without doubting myself. I can't recommend Anna enough - her coaching will help you trust yourself, feel more confident, and shift your well-being practices in a profound way. On a scale of 1 to 10, I'd give it a 20! The guidance and support were invaluable for my personal growth journey.”


Picture this…

You can’t think your way out of stress. Learn the exactly process to shift out of the stress response quickly, so that you stop overthinking about your never-ending to-do list & how there aren’t enough hours in the day to “do it all.”

Your mind can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Prioritize self-compassion & love as you navigate very real life challenges. You spend the most time with YOU - it’s time to treat yourself like you would the little old lady crossing the street, with empathy and kindess.

You’re not dating your calendar. It’s bad enough that we are tied to our phones as they constantly ping while we’re on that date that’s been rescheduled 5 times. Anchor into presence multiple times throughout the day so that your partner can feel seen AND life doesn’t pass by in a blur.


Hi! I am so excited you are here! I'm a Colorado native (rare, I know), dog mom, and recently reestablished my love for the library. 

After the childhood temper tantrums and debilitating need to be perfect & wildly successful in everything I did followed me into adulthood (not so cute when you're in your 20s and crying over a pancake flip gone wrong), I knew I needed to find another way to manage my emotions. 

For YEARS I let my mind win. 

I quickly took to the personal growth world and began seeing positive changes. Some took longer than others, and eventually, I stumbled upon the work of Positive Intelligence® - seeing the gift and opportunity in all of life’s challenges.

This work QUICKLY changed my life - and my mindset. I knew I had to be part of the movement to share this important work with the world. 

Are you ready for rapid & potent change? If so, you're exactly where you need to be.

Anna is a Positive Intelligence Coach, a Chopra Certified Total Wellbeing Coach, Primordial Meditation Teacher, and Ayurvedic Health Instructor, and has coached over 1000 growth-focused humans in the past 4 years.

“Anna truly cares about her clients and views it as so much more than just a job. She was as effective if not more than any therapist I’ve had in helping me feel self assured, AND giving me strategies to cope with severe anxiety. I started reading more, exercising more, journaling, and using healthy calming methods and became healthier in my work, social, mental, physical and emotional realms. I truly can’t express how much I would recommend doing coaching with Anna!!!”


Here’s what you’ll experience inside of Anchored

6-Weeks Access

You’ll gain 6-weeks of access to new content in the Positive Intelligence® App, the private Telegram group, and the weekly group coaching calls.

Positive Intelligence® App

6-weeks of new weekly video content dropping each Saturday, year-long access to the free version of the app, 1-week free access to the GROW membership for continued learning after the program, Positive Intelligence audiobook, plus the PQ community within the app.

Weekly Group Coaching Calls

Attend the 60-90 minute group coaching call each week to get support from Mindset & Empowerment coach Anna Lawrence.

Private Telegram Group Community

Connect with the other growth-oriented humans in Anchored within the private Telegram community! Daily support from Anna as well as the other group members. Come here to celebrate, ask questions, and support each other.

BONUS: Saboteur Discovery Call

Take the Saboteur Quiz and schedule a free Saboteur Discovery call ($66 regular price) to get 1:1 time with Anna on how your top Saboteurs are impacting your life.

BONUS: Personalized Meditation Course

Gain lifetime access to my course The Ultimate Guide to Primordial Sound Meditation, plus your own personalized mantra based on your birth information - another powerful tool to befriend your mind!

Choose the investment that fits where you’re at

  • Pay In Full - $1111
  • Payment Plan - 3 Payments of $444 (every 2 weeks starting at sign up)
  • VIP Upgrade - everything with Anchored + two 60 minute 1:1 coaching calls with Anna $1400

Don't forget to use the coupon code that was provided in the masterclass to secure savings by 4/15! 

“But I’ve tried to make positive change before and it didn’t work, can I really do it this time?”

Maybe joining a program like this is a step out of your comfort zone because you want to be the strong independent woman who can do it on your own. And the truth is, you absolutely can.

BUT… There is so much power in growth in community.

Much like you, I’ve tried to do it on my own many times and always ended up back in my old habits, frustrated with myself that I couldn’t stick to it. If only I had more willpower, right?


You can double or even triple your chance for success if you surround yourself with other people who are making similar changes.

I am so confident that you will create a positive mindset shift, more presence in your life, and lower your stress levels throughout this 6-week program that I am offering a 100% money-back guarantee if you don’t see those results at the end of 6 weeks with active participation*.

Picture this…

You wake up, and instead of letting thoughts race and overwhelm you, you choose to shift. You feel gratitude wash over you as you savor the present moment - the warmth of the sun, the softness of your pillow, the birdsong outside.

At work, when a co-worker piles on tasks, instead of sacrificing your lunch break and stewing in frustration, you practice healthy boundary setting without guilt or annoyance.

After work, rather than letting the day's stress spill over and cause unnecessary conflict, you communicate your needs calmly. You go to bed happy and fulfilled, ready to recharge for tomorrow, thanks to your new commitment to harvest the gift in each challenge, drop into presence every day, and lower your stress levels with ease.

Your dream life is waiting for you

In each moment you have a choice.

The majority of people are moving through life on autopilot - an unconscious habit loop resulting in life happening to them. A victim of circumstance

Imagine a life where you choose:

  • To excitedly share details of a life you are deeply in love with when someone asks, “How are you?” (no more, “oh I’m SO busy, it’s crazy!”)

  • To find gold in inconvenient situations like flight delays, traffic, and cancellations - no more giving your energy away to things outside of your control!

  • To be anchored so deeply in the present moment and your family/friends that you inspired them to disconnect with technology and practice presence

  • A path where you can say “no” and there is no fear of disappointing the other person

  • To let go of people and situations that are out of your control, removing almost all of your unnecessary stress and worry & increasing your energetic capacity

Your dream life CAN become your reality. It all comes down to a choice.

What do you want the story of your life to read?

You can't lose.

Betting on yourself can feel scary, especially when you have proof of failure in the past.

Which is why I want to make this an easy YES for you.

I am so confident that you will see success in Anchored that I am offering a 100% money-back guarantee after 6-weeks of actively engaging* in the program (or continued access to the program until you hit your mark!).

It’s a WIN-WIN.

*Active engagement includes but is not limited to: showing up for the weekly coaching calls or watching the replay, daily activity within the Positive Intelligence App (complete coach challenges, daily focus, minimum of 36 PQ reps daily, listen to audiobook), active engagement within the Telegram community. Anna Lawrence Coaching makes the ultimate decision on if The Client meets these standards and by purchasing the program you agree to these terms.

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